Windmill Forwarding allows you to store your belongings for a definite or indefinite period in our storage facility. Also we can offer you – at any destination – storage space in consultation with our agent, in case you can not enter your new home or you’re still looking for a home on destination.

In the Netherlands we have our own storage. This storage is dry, heated and naturally protected against fire and theft. Due to the above advantages you can be sure that your belongings will stay as neat as they entered the storage. We can offer competitive rates to take our furniture storage in use. Storage costs are always calculated on a monthly base so you never pay too much. In addition to offer storage, we can also arrange for transportation to and from our storage to your current or new location.

When is a storage useful?

For example, a delay in the completion or just a quick sale of your property. Or if you are temporarily residing abroad. Often furniture is too valuable to throw away and you’ll need it later. For long-term storage as well as for temporary storage. And not only for furniture but also for storage of vehicles.

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