Our moving services

With Windmill Forwarding you can choose a complete “door-to-door” service, or you can use a desired specific moving service.

International Moves

Windmill Forwarding is your most ideal partner to handle your international move. The versatility of our moving services makes Windmill Forwarding unique. Wherever you want to move, Windmill Forwarding knows the most reliable, fastest, environmentally friendly and cost efficient way.

Part loads / Groupage

For a large number of destinations it is possible to ship your goods in combination with other clients or via a so-called “consolidation service” or “Groupage”. By shipping this way, a significant reducing of costs can be achieved.

Move boxes

As soon as you’re going to move, you need moving boxes. These boxes are included if you choose our full service option. Do you want to pack yourself? Contact us to see what we can do.


An important service which Windmill Forwarding offers is temporary or long-term storage of goods.

Air freight

Transportation of personal and household affects by air requires a descent consideration, based on destination, quantity en budget.


In general an international move involves many external parties, who all work according to their own specific transportation- and trade conditions. These conditions exclude, partially or in whole, most liabilities and will leave you, as the owner/shipper, empty handed in most cases where damage occurs.

Container rental

Containers are for many purposes – with our container service, the possibilities of container leasing and container transport are almost limitless.