Moving boxes, to protect your goods

When you move, you need moving boxes. With our full service we will pack all the boxes for you. But you can also choose to do it yourself. So here are some tips on packing boxes and how many you need. We will supply as many boxes as you need.

How many moving boxes are needed?

Usually a lot more than you think …

In principle everything that fits into one box, can also be moved in a moving box. Books, dishes and the like is obvious but also larger items such as vases, posters, stuffed animals, small boards, small mirrors, etc. etc. can be packed best in a moving box.

Firstly, because protects a moving box. The probability of damage is much smaller. But equally as important to the ease with which you can move a moving box. It’s moving much faster than all the stuff ‘loose’. In addition, it builds much better in the moving container. Full moving boxes you put together easily. That you used all the space in a container plus you can fill the empty spaces around the furniture ‘fix’.

But how much do you need then?
Once you apply to us for a quote, we take it with you. On the basis of the photos we can make an accurate estimate.

But these tips also help to calculate it:

  • Per cupboard = 1.5 box
  • And similar devices on the counter = 2 boxes.
  • 2-door wardrobe (small or large) = 1.5 case per full shelf.
  • Bookcase = 2 boxes per meter box of books.
  • Living room = 10 count boxes for all the loose stuff in window sills, on the floor and the like
  • Pantry (eg. Cupboard under the stairs) = in many places it is forbidden to bring food. Arithmetic average of 2 boxes for other stuff.
  • Garage / barn = come out of a full garage soon 20 to 30 boxes. Think of tools, pots, a lot of loose stuff etc …
  • Wardrobe = 8 boxes. Suits and dresses windmill can supply special wardrobe boxes: one box per one meter hanging clothes The advantage is that the garment hangs. The downside is that it is a lot of volume and therefore cost more money.
  • “Behind the Shot Heard ‘attic. It is full, count 4 boxes per meter.
  • Garden = 10 boxes. Pots, figurines, shelves and the like can all in boxes. Tip: plants are NEVER allowed in the container and in some destinations absolutely no traces of earth and similar materials may be found. Always consult one of our collegues about this.

You can easily order boxes of good quality at the following (dutch) website:

Where should I pay attention to when I pack a box?

The good packing a moving box is not complicated but does require some attention.

The weight of the moving box.

One box that is too heavy, difficult moved. 25 kilos is the maximum.

What’s in the moving box?

Write clearly on a moving box what’s in it. That makes the “search” when unpacking / in the new home easier. Like the TV remote control. You do not want to look for it for days. But use for example one box to do in all parts disassembly of wardrobes and beds and write it clearly on the box. This box did you include in the new home immediately necessary and makes it easy to re-assemble your furniture.

Fragility in the moving box.

A box protects dishes and other breakables. But not if it finds you packing. Use so much! wrapping paper. That may also be newspaper (give or ink off) or the famous towel. These boxes should always be full. So do not leave space so it can move. For instance, your plates always puts on ‘the edge’. As in the dishwasher. Stacking cups can you just put some paper in between. Pack glasses and “put” them in the box. Use additional paper and “crumpled” to prevent direct contact with the glass.

And put FRAGILE big on the box. Both on the front and on top of it.