Groupage, cheap alternative for smaller quantities

groupage container

For a large number of destinations it is possible to ship your cargo in combination with other moves or via a so-called “groupage or consolidation service”. By shipping this way, significant cost savings can be achieved.

international-groupageIn this case the goods are loaded by Windmill Forwarding in a 20-foot or 40-foot container, along with other equivalent cargo from other customers and as such shipped to the port of destination. Once arrived there, the container will be unloaded into the warehouse of a Windmill Forwarding agent and made available for delivery to the final consignees.

Significant cost savings by Groupage, the cheap alternative

Windmill Forwarding regularly offers this kind of groupage services to a number of destinations and this way you can save a lot of money. If you do not have such a large furniture moving and you are more flexible in your delivery date, then you can use this considerably cheaper service in stead of your ‘own’ container. Additionally, Windmill Forwarding works closely with other consolidators to ensure regularity in groupage containers.

It depends on the destination how often groupage containers are shipped. To some destinations we ship monthly several sea freight containers. This is not the case for every destination, so check in advance.

Groupage with Windmill Forwarding – that offers real benefits!

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