Air freight

Air freight

Transportation of personal and household affects by airfreight is also possible with us but requires a descent consideration, based on destination, quantity en budget.

For transportation within Europe, airfreight is relatively expensive and therefore not attractive. Even for certain destinations outside the European continent the possibilities must be seriously considered. It is a misconception that the effects fly on the same plane with the owner, since airfreight must be delivered separately. And is often transported with special cargo planes.

The average transit time from house-to-house varies from 7 to sometimes 14 days, since personal households are low on the priority list of the freight airlines. Your shipment can easily skip a number of flights, when other perishable goods, are offered for the same destination. Most American airlines generally refuse shipments with personal property, based on the unfamiliarity with the contents of these shipments.

Only the most important goods

Since with air freight the volume plays an important role in the rate calculation, it is important to watch this very carefully. Voluminous articles with a low value are usually not worth it to be shipped by airfreight. They can often be purchased for less money at the new destination. Your Windmill consultant will be happy help you in making the right choices.

Freight by Air. Not cheap, but sometimes the best solution.

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