Checklist international removal

Moving is not something you do every day. There is a lot involved. Therefore we have created a concise removal checklist that can help you to manage the most important things in the right direction. Of course everyone has to arrange his personal affairs, so this checklist is just a guide and certainly not complete.

4-6 weeks before moving
• Determine the moving date
• Rent denounce old house
• Telephone & internet move
• Inform the School for children
• Start with clean up and discard what can be thrown away
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2-4 weeks before moving
• Start with clean up and throw away what should not be moved
• Arrange the movingservice of PostNL
• Informing your insurer about relocating
• Arrange storage if needed

2 weeks before moving
• Send an address change to cleaner and company occupied with the maintenance CV
• Arrange shelter for children and pets on the moving day
• Informing caretaker
• Redeem (seal) savings campaigns local retailers
• Return library books
• Store important papers and valuables that are not needed immediately in bank vault

1 week before moving
• Clean the new home
• Remove permanent lights
• Remove curtains (except in bedrooms)
• Inform suppliers
• Pack already the stuff you do not need for the moment
• Get meals at home for the packing and moving day
• Purchase plenty of coffee and similar goods for your new home
• Emptying and cleaning garbage containers at the old house
• Bring chemobox to designated depot

1 day before moving
• Defrost and clean refrigerator
• Defrost and clean freezer
• Security fix drum washer
• Disassemble furniture (if you do not let us do this)
• Pack the latest stuff

Moving day
• Take away the curtains bedrooms
• Store keys in key pouch
• Store cash and debit cards separately in hand luggage
• Check house for residual stuff
• Recording Meters
• Close windows and doors
• Deliver keys of the old house
• Say goodbye to the neighbors
• All heavy moving work to do by us …
If the old house will not be occupied immediately:
• Close gas and electricity
• Drain water pipes in winter (even when it is not freezing)

Arrival in your new home
• Let us put all household directly in the right place
• Check all unpacked goods for damage
• Make your (last) payment to us
• Create one habitable room as soon as possible
• Hang bedroom curtains
• Leave refrigerator and freezer acclimatize a few hours before turning on if they were moved
• Remove the security of the washing machine after moving

After arrival
• Unpack all boxes or call us to do so
• Report any not immediately visible moving damage to us (within 14 days)
• Make an appointment to have us pick up the empty moving boxes
• Notification of change of address at your Townhall

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