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To give an indication of the size of your move, you can fill in our Volume Calculator below. In the orange box you will see the number of cubic meters (m3). This is the volume of the move.

But a move is more than just volume, every move is different, we know like no other. But if you fill out the calculator, we can better estimate what the total cost will be.

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Living room

  x 2 seater sofa

  x 3 seater sofa

  x 4 seater sofa

  x Aquarium (max 300 ltr)

  x Barometer (Large)

  x Bijzettafel

  x Bookcase

  x Writing desk

  x Blanket Chest

  x Dresser

  x Armchair

  x Hanging crockery cupboard

  x Hanging lamp

  x Hocker

  x Corner cabinet

  x Corner sofa

  x Dog basket

  x Playpen

  x Scratching Post

  x Magazine rack

  x Chandelier

  x Commode 90 cm

  x Loveseat

  x Plant

  x Plant (groot)

  x Pouf

  x Coffee table (large)

  x Coffee table (klein)

  x Table lamp with shade

  x Painting

  x Fireplace (electric)

  x Secretaire

  x Sofa

  x Mirror (large)

  x Mirror (small)

  x Grandfather Clock (horloge)

  x Standing lamp

  x Standing lamp (large)

  x Stereo with speakers (normal)

  x Stereo Furniture

  x Vacuum cleaner

  x Television (old model)

  x Tft/LED television 42 inch

  x Tft/LED television 60 inch

  x Tft/LED television 32 inch

  x Tv cabinet (large)

  x Moving boxes

  x Cupboard with glass

  x Carpet

  x Wall furniture per section

  x Beanbag


  x Dishwasher

  x Hood (normal model)

  x American Fridge

  x Barstool

  x Buffet cabinet

  x Buffet cabinet with 2 doors

  x Buffet cabinet with 3 doors

  x Dining table and chairs

  x Stove 48 inch

  x Stove 24 inch

  x Stove 36 inch

  x Gascooker

  x Grill

  x Kitchen Cupboard (hanging)

  x Kitchen Cupboard (below)

  x Kitchen Chair

  x Kitchen Table

  x Kitchen troley

  x tip-up seat (per 2)

  x Refrigerator high model

  x Refrigerator low model

  x Microwave (large)

  x Microwave (small)

  x Trash bin

  x Stackable chairs (per 4)

  x Moving boxes

  x Freezer


  x single bed

  x double bed

  x Rear bed with cupboards

  x Rear bed without cupboards

  x Fire Cabinet max 40 Kg

  x Duvet and pillows

  x Room divider

  x Coat rack (standing model)

  x Dressing table with mirror

  x Clothes box

  x Clothing rack

  x Dresser

  x Lamp

  x 1 Door Cupboard

  x 2 Door Cupboard

  x 3 Door Cupboard

  x 4 Door Cupboard

  x 1 part Cupboard

  x Single mattress

  x Single Spiral

  x Mobile air conditioning

  x Nightstand

  x Bedconversion

  x Folding guest bed

  x Mounted cabinet

  x Plastic containers (under bed)

  x Painting

  x Shoe closet

  x Mirror door cabinet (large) 2 doors

  x Mirror door cabinet (large) 3 doors

  x Upstanding Mirror

  x Chair

  x Single Pillow-top mattress

  x Double Pillow-top mattress

  x Ventilator

  x Moving boxes

  x Single Waterbed

  x Double Waterbed

  x Tanning bed (big)

  x Tanning bed (foldable)

  x Double Tanning bed (large)

Dining Room

  x Dining table (large)

  x Dining table (small)

  x Painting

  x Porcelain Cabinet

  x Chair

  x Moving Boxes


  x Filing Cabinet (high)

  x Filing Cabinet (low)

  x Bookcase

  x Bureau

  x Office cabinet

  x Office chair

  x Computer + monitor

  x Computer desk

  x Computer cabinet

  x Copier (big)

  x Copier (small)

  x Drawer unit

  x Printer

  x Shutter Bureau

  x Chair

  x Moving Boxes


  x Centrifuge

  x Clothes horse

  x Hometrainer/Crosstrainer

  x Camping Stuff

  x Cupboard

  x Suitcase

  x Treadmill

  x One pair of Skis

  x Iron

  x Ironing board

  x Table

  x Moving Boxes

  x Freezer

  x Dryer

  x Washing machine

  x Laundry basket


  x Cargo bike

  x Barbecue (large)

  x Barbecue (small)

  x Moped

  x Hanger (outside)

  x Bicycle

  x Bike Carrier (towbar)

  x Trailer (for behind a biclycle)

  x Tools

  x Slide (plastic)

  x Golf clubs with cart

  x High pressure cleaner

  x Wood basket

  x Canoe

  x Cupboard

  x Children's bicycle

  x Pram

  x Hutch (without rabbit)

  x Ladder

  x Motor

  x Firewood per 0.5 m3

  x Parasol with base

  x Picnic table

  x Plastic containers (large)

  x Plastic containers (standard)

  x Mobility scooter

  x Go-kart

  x Ski box (voor op de auto)

  x Playhouse (plastic)

  x Stand

  x Surfboard with sail and mast

  x Tractor large (plastic)

  x Trampoline 160 cm

  x Garden seat

  x Garden Furniture

  x Garden Seat (foldable)

  x Garden table

  x Garden table (foldable)

  x Moving Boxes

  x Workbench

  x Winter / summer tires (set)

  x Sandbox plastic (empty)

Childerns room

  x Bookshelf

  x Commode

  x Children bath with support

  x Children's Bench

  x Children's Bed

  x Children's wardrobe

  x Clothes box

  x lamp

  x Bed

  x Maxi cosi

  x Doll house

  x Painting

  x Blackboard

  x Play Dress

  x Chair + table

  x Moving Boxes

  x Cot


  x Baby Grand

  x Snooker (match format)

  x Snooker (table formaat)

  x Biljard (match format)

  x Biljart (table formaat)

  x Safe (100 Kg of less)

  x Safe (100 - 200 Kg)

  x Safe (200 - 300 Kg)

  x Safe (300 Kg or more)

  x Concert Grand

  x Pinball

  x Fruitautomaat

  x Guitar

  x Hammond organ

  x Juxebox

  x Keyboard

  x Organ

  x Piano (study model)

  x Piano high (old model)

  x Pianola

  x Standing Grand Piano

  x Grand Piano